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Commercial Door and Hardware Installation Specialists

Commercial door and hardware

installation is the largest portion of

Texas Turnkey Construction’s



We have successfully completed projects

ranging from a single door to 4500. 

We install solid core wood, plastic laminate,

hollow metal and pre-hung units.  We even

install lead lined sound doors.


In our niche market, we will shim, undercut,

trim, rack and roll doors to fit.  We will even

help solve those pesky obstacles such as

frames not installed correctly, such as

those not plumb, level, or square. 


Texas Turnkey can do as much or little as
you desire.  We offer consultative services,
specification recommendations, and
installation…. all while looking after your
best interest with competitive pricing.



Our success is based on making it easy for you to realize savings of both your time and money. We create solutions with our business partners through open dialogue and stand behind every product we sell and service.


Hugh Mobley - President & CEO